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Virginia has such a dad Named Mike Jenkins.

Mike's editorial cartoons

Sharp and humorous style, a lot of ironies

joke without mercy.

Aluminum membrane liner, retains freshness, high-quality insulation material, can enjoy warm meals after work, food safety more secure. Intimate design, large capacity storage more assured, easy to carry. Lunch bags are versatile, not only for lunchboxes but also for fruit drinks and so on


Aluminum membrane liner, retain freshness, high quality insulation material, can enjoy warm meals after work, food safety more secure.Intimate design, large capacity storage more assured, easy to carry. Lunch bags are versatile, not only for lunchboxes but also for fruit drinks so on

Mike deeply felt that he had neglected his family by focusing on work for many years, and decided to spend more time with his family and take care of the children at home. (Dad, do you remember that you still have two sons who are in college?) After Maggie went to middle school, the study pressure was much greater than before. Every morning, she grabbed her lunch bag and hurried out.

Looking at my daughter's daily study life is so busy. Mike decided to give his daughter a little surprise: to draw a series of cartoons featuring her on her lunch bag, which is much more fun than just writing her name.

So he did what he said. He sat next to the table on the sofa in the living room and started sketching. It took more than four hours to complete the drawing of a lunch bag, but Mike didn't think it took a long time, as long as it made his kids happy

A series of little comics like an intricate cartoon

Documented a week in Maggie's life

From facing Monday's fears to Friday's arrival

And the joy of welcoming the holidays

It's spring break in a few days!

"Teacher, my homework was eaten by a dog!"

heavy study life

out of breath

Just a few more steps and you'll be home

can't escape monday

You can find me even if you hide

Why is it on Monday?

big question mark

Every Friday is like picking up a clover

It took so many exams to go through the mountains to get here

English, Math, Science classes

Did you turn into a crow to steal my bread?

If time could be faster

Just until Friday

Come see me try hard

It's almost Friday

Why does it feel like the journey is still so far away?

What to do if daylight saving time is stolen

Waiting online, very urgent

 Although his daughter is shown in cartoon form, the teasing made many people feel the same way. Mack joked that his idea was: "To spark my daughter's imagination and make her think her lunch is tastier than it actually is."

Because of Mike's breakthrough brain hole and superb painting skills, these lunch bags he painted made Maggie a little star in the school. Every time it was lunch time, the classmates would gather around Maggie to see what new tricks her lunch bag had.

Seeing how happy his kids was every time, Mike decided to continue this project. Every day, I spend four hours out to paint Maggie's lunch bags. Unexpectedly, one painting will last more than 600 days.

In the past 600 days, these lunch bags have not only made Maggie a little star at school, but Mike has also become a celebrity dad who "painted hundreds of lunch bags for his daughter". He posted his works on social networking sites. , received wide acclaim. Even many parents have begun to follow his example, drawing lunch bags as a way of communicating with their children.

painting by other parents.

If Monday was the volcano that erupted

Friday is like out of reach cookies

sweet but unreachable

Exam after exam is like an infinite loop

There is no end to the test

It's finally time to eat

can't wait

Every week is like

It's as hard as pushing a stone up a mountain

wonderful friday

finally free

Mike was excited to start creating these for Maggie when she was in middle school. "When they're young, they hold on to you and you're the center of their world. But as they get older, they change. It's a change you barely notice, but it's true. Back then , her life was even more different."

for a father

A child is like a bird about to leave the nest

Seeing that my daughter is going to college

Mike has some regrets

"I can't go to college to cook lunch"

Maybe that's the role of dad

They are a little serious and unsmiling

They have a lot to say to you

I don't know how to speak

but when you need him

He always stands silently behind you

tell you silently

Don't be afraid, Dad is here.

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