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what is about how to do Common sense of handbags and calculation quotations from Picvalue Corp(part 2)? | Coolvalue

Picvalue Corp: Common sense of handbags and calculation quotations

this comprehensive post by the Common material specifications experts at Picvalue Corp

what is about how to do Common sense of handbags and calculation quotations from Picvalue Corp(part 2)? | Coolvalue
Common sense of handbags and calculation quotations

Common material specifications

Second, the method of calculating materials

(1) Common sense of slate quotation

1. 1*=8 points, that is, 1/8=0.125", 2/8*=1/4"=0.25", 3/80=0.375*,

4/8, = 0.5σ, 518. =0.625., 6/8σ=0.75v, 7/8r=0.875,

1"=2.54cm, 1cm=03937".

2. Edge oil

The total length is X0.0001 kg (including 3 oil edges), and so on.

3. Line

A. Cotton thread, divided into 6044, 402#, 606# cotton thread: nylon thread is divided into 10#, 8#, 20#, 30#, and 40# nylon thread. metal wire.

B. According to the method of calculating the line:

①. When the bottom line is the same, it is generally:

Upper thread length X 35 times + 36+ (number of threads) = number

②.When the upper thread and the lower thread are different: .

The length of the upper thread X2 times + 36 six (the number of yards of the thread) when matching the main material color

Bottom thread length X1.5 times + 36+ (the number of yards of thread)

when the cloth is colored

Special treatment for special cases:

For example, for 8368 belts and 9142 bags, the upper thread and the bottom thread should be multiplied by 5 times each to be sufficient. Especially the golden thread, silver thread, etc.

Meter the amount, or you will lose money.

4. The actual length of zippers, nylon edging tapes, webbing tapes, T-bone, rubber roots, cotton ropes, friction stickers, PP ropes, ribbons, etc. + 36,

To refine the iodine column four digits after the decimal point. Such as 8" + 3-=.22222

5, hardware, plastic buttons, etc., to see the number of bags, remember to be indispensable. Not much.

6. How to see the maximum size of the model:

A. Measure its main ingredients first



Miscellaneous glue, sticky paper, sponge, etc.

Last - the actual length and width of the piece, add 314 to each side. (Why add 314 N bits? Because buried bag bits on each side

2 and a half minutes, then add 1 minute for the monthly mold opening)

For example 9.125. (K) X11.75. (room)

9.875N (L) X12.5N (W)

B. Weaving handles or straps, etc., measure the actual length and multiply it by 1.74 times to get the length (I have tried many times).

C. All hijab wrapping.

Please be sure to pay attention: because whether it is nylon material or PVC material, whether it is a big hood or a small front cover,

The amount of twill should be reported on the side pocket cover, etc. Because only the twill edging comes out, it is particularly smooth.

Such as 1.25" X30 long (calculate the amount), PVC material

1.25m X30m : 36: 52.5m (54m +1.25" ) X 1.15%==Yards

7. All materials should pay attention to their texture. In particular, there are few pieces and the size is large. You must look at the texture and make it according to the customer's bag.

Require. Be sure to follow the actual row of knives.

Such as cut piece 9.75" X29.51 (one piece), 600D nylon material according to nylon material 58"

20"X22.5"(one piece), 900D abrasive material

A. 9.75" X29.5 Sichuan 600D nylon material

Square calculation: 0.1427Y

29.5"+9.75 "+9.75"==49 sealing degree, its dosage: 0.1631Y

B. 20"X22.5" 900D abrasive material Square calculation: 0.2232 Y

22.5" X2==45", its dosage: 0.2778 Y


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