what is about how to do Common sense of handbags and calculation quotations from Picvalue Corp(part 1)? | Coolvalue

Picvalue Corp: Common sense of handbags and calculation quotations

this comprehensive post by the Common material specifications experts at Picvalue Corp

what is about how to do Common sense of handbags and calculation quotations from Picvalue Corp(part 1)? | Coolvalue
Common sense of handbags and calculation quotations

Common material specifications

1. PVC material, PU material, light rubber material, non-slip material, 3500# wipe rubber material, the sealing degree is 54".

2. Fluorescent material: very expensive (80-100 yuan/Y), and its sealing degree is 36".

3. 230D twill nylon material, 70D nylon material, 300×300D material, 600x300D material, 600x600D material, 900D material, 900D abrasive material, 1680D×1680D material, 420D nylon material, its sealing degree is 58".

4. For 420D washed nylon material, the sealing degree is 54". Jacquard material, Jiaji cloth, the sealing degree is 58"

5. Single-sided/double-sided diving material: 2.0 m/m, 3.0 m/m, its sealing degree: 50"x130" (also 40"x80")

6. Plush material: its sealing degree is 56"

7. Corduroy; sealing is 44"

8. Canvas: The sealing degree is 44".58"; divided into 6A, 8A, 10A, 12A, 14A

9. Chicken skin velvet: the sealing degree is 56"

10. The sealing degree of glitter twill nylon material is 58"; the sealing degree of satin material is 58"; the sealing degree of Martin canvas is 56"; the sealing degree of cotton cloth is 44". Note: The price of anti-sand removal should be quoted when quoting.

11. Ingredients:

In a diamond mesh, sandwich mesh, or hexagonal mesh, the sealing degree is 58"

B. Pull back glue 1.0m/m, 1.5m/m, 2.0m/m, etc.; high foaming 2.0m/m, 2.5m/m, etc.; EVA: 1.0m/m--4.0m/m, etc.; its sealing degree Both are 58".

12. Pearl cotton: 1.0m/m .2.0 m/m--30 m/m, its sealing degree is 421; 0.45m/m cotton, its sealing degree is 40 ".

13, 2m/m, 3m/m, 4m/m, 5m/m...sponge, which is mainly used for inner support. Sealing degree is 40"×80"/sheet

14. 0.15 m/m—0.2 m/m—0.5 m/m transparent adhesive: 0.15 m/m—0.5 m/m sanding adhesive; the sealing degree is 48″.

15. Film glue (its material is special, it is easy to damage the flower material, and the loss should be more than 8%), and its sealing degree is 24". 0.4 m/m—0.5 m/m—0.6 m/m cork paper; 0.4 m/m—0.6 m/m fast paper; the sealing degree is 60″.

16. Non-woven fabric, 15g-30g-50g-250g, its sealing degree is 63". Note that as long as it is not used for opening the fabric, the material does not need to be divided into lines.

17. 0.15 m/m Q pattern, 0.26 m/m Q pattern, 0.3m/m Q pattern, the sealing degree is 48". However, in special cases, if the quantity is large, the supplier should be asked to make 50" (flexible transportation is required).

use). Such as 4561 orders, length 30.751 × widths 18.625, it will save more material

18. A miscellaneous glue, its sealing degree is ". But it is divided into soft, neutral, and hard.

B, 0.4m/m, 0.6m/m are generally used for hand-held

C, 0.8 m/m, 1.0m/m for body or clip fit.

D. 1.2m/m as long as there is a bottom bracket for reinforcement (1.0m/m, etc. can also be used)

19. PE: 0.4 m/m-0.6 m/m-0.8 m/m-1.0m/m-2.5m/m, its specifications are

42″ x 48″, but currently suppliers are doing 40″ x 48″. Note: There are two kinds of color and white, and white is used for light-colored lining.

20. Card paper: A. Its specification is 31″×43″/sheet, which is divided into double gray, single white, and double white. Their prices are all different.

B, divided into 180g, 200g, 250g, 1500g

C. But there are also gram cards: ordinary 200g-250g, used in places with visible color matching. When quoting, to prevent the lines from being difficult to open, all quotations are 1333÷(length+0.5) two ( Width + 0.5) = how many knives are needed.

Such as: 7.875×4.625x1 or ×2

1333÷ (7.875+0.5) ÷ (4.625 +0.5) ==$31×1==$31×2

But when opening the material by yourself, you must pay attention to the texture, and must not break it when the bag is closed.

21. Rib:

A. Flannel fabric (edge fabric), 150D, 170D, 190D, 210D, its sealing degree is 58".

B, twill lining, satin lining, its sealing degree is 58", but it should be covered with anti-sand when quoting.

In C, T/C: its seal is 44″; the seal of pearl pattern is 54″.







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